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Very important tips for winter campers

Date: 22/12/2011
Source: DCC

° Replace rubber door seals that have perished.
° Put planks under corner steadiess and the jockey wheel when parked to prevent sinking when the ground thaws.
° Once parked, release the caravan hand brake and cover the coupling to prevent frost damage.
° Try to avoid condensation building up inside your caravan. Don’t leave wet clothes around, use the campsite’s drying room instead. Only take quick showers, but preferably use the campsite’s sanitary facilities. Ventilate properly when cooking.
° Never heat with a naked gas flame because the indoor air supply will be quickly used up and you run the danger of asphyxiation from lack of oxygen.
° Only use propane gas in winter because butane is liable to freeze below 0°C.
° Regulations concerning winter tyres do not apply to caravans, but it is advisable to fit winter tyres for safety reasons.
° Make sure you have the following with you: snow chains, anti-skid snowmats, thermal mats for your windscreen, door de-icer, shovel and broom, ice scraper.