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Date: 22/12/2011
Source: FICC

The Rally will be held near Quebec City from 27 July to 5 August 2012.
The website – is updated regularly. Rally registration forms have been available for downloading since November 2011.
Depending on the exchange rate, the registration fee is around €90.- per adult, €50 for adolescents and €55 for “hotel campers“.

In addition to Quebec, Canada has other Provinces that are well worth visiting such as Nova Scotia on Canada’s south-east coast and its capital, Halifax.
For a long time Nova Scotia well-known as a centre for the arts and Halifax especially was, and still is, the main cultural and economic centre of the Atlantic region.
Theatres, museums, the historic citadel, the harbour and a variety of festivals give one a taste of local music, history, art, and culture, not forgetting delicious regional dishes and wines.
Then there is the Atlantic Film Festival, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, the multicultural autumn Wine Festival and Shakespeare by the Sea, all certainly worth a mention.
Off the coastline of Newfoundland and Labrador one can see thousands of icebergs and migrating humped-back whales. The capital, St. John, boasts gaily coloured houses, a long history and a friendly population. The flourishing oil and gas industry has helped the region’s economy to prosper.
Nevertheless, St. John remains a very friendly city and continues to attract and delight a great many tourists.
Extracts from Headquarters(Brussels)