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Date: 17/01/2014
Source: FICC
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A camping holiday in Finland is the high point of summer
The 81st F.I.C.C. Rally will be organised in Pori, Finland. The event will be a major gathering of camping enthusiasts with plenty of activities and all the usual creature comforts on offer. This camping holiday in Finland has it all: a great camping programme, like-minded people and a fantastic venue in the middle of a city.

Best camping holiday ever
The host of this, the 81st F.I.C.C. Rally is SF-Caravan. This year is a very special one for Finnish camping because SF-Caravan is celebrating its 50th anniversary and the F.I.C.C. Rally is one of the main events. Finland is hosting an F.I.C.C. Rally for the fourth time and it promises top-class facilities and a great atmosphere which is why the motto of the rally is “The Best Ever”.
The rally area at Kirjurinluoto
The venue for the 81st F.I.C.C. Rally is 242 kilometres from Helsinki, Finland’s capital. The area is located on the west coast of Finland, in Pori, a lively city of 100,000 residents boasting plenty of attractions and things to do. The event will take place in a park area called Kirjurinluoto in the middle of the city. The rally venue is a beautiful, well-tended riverside area on the banks of the Kokemäenjoki. This arena for outdoor events is well-known for its many and varied attractions for both children and adults. These include the Satakunta Botanical Information Centre and its exhibition garden, minigolf courses, nature trails of various lengths and a big adventure play park for children. The park also has a sandy beach, a summer café and a kiosk. The summer restaurant of Kirjurinluoto is the official event restaurant of the F.I.C.C. Rally. A top quality camping area with modern services will be built in Kirjurinluoto.

Kirjurinluoto is located only one kilometre from the centre of Pori. The beautiful riverside landscape of the nearby Eteläranta is a popular recreation spot. Lots of shops, cafés and restaurants, a plaza and the old market hall are all near the pedestrian street in the city centre. One of the best sandy beaches in the Nordic countries, the 6 kilometre-long Yyteri beach, is just 18 kilometres from the city centre.

Rally Programme
People of all ages were taken into account when planning and setting up the programme for the event so it includes interesting events, get-togethers, live music, excursions, fitness, sports, dance, entertainment, theatre, driving skills events and various competitions.

Excursion schedule
Pori Regional Tourist Agency MAISA has created a schedule of interesting excursions which take you to see the city and the sea as well as the surrounding region. Prior booking for excursions is essential – you can do so when registering for the rally.

Finland for campers
Finland is a fantastic country for camping. In Finland, you can really experience and enjoy peace and tranquillity. Summers are warm and it stays light at night. The clean environment and the thousands of lakes are a part of the beautiful Finnish landscape that you will never forget. An excellent road network covers the whole country and the calm traffic makes driving pleasant. The leisurely pace also gives the driver a chance to see the surrounding countryside. The country’s modern and extensive campsite network enjoys great locations that are usually near to water. It is also good to remember that tap water is drinkable. You can easily continue your holiday northwards as far as Nordkapp (North Cape). On your way, you can discover Lapland and its reindeers − and meet Santa Claus, of course. You can choose one − or all − of Finland’s four areas: Lapland in the north, the lakes, the coast and archipelago or Helsinki. They are all equally attractive.
The 81st FICC Rally has its own Internet page full of continuously updated information which is also mobile-friendly. The page offers plenty of information on Finland and the F.I.C.C. Rally location, for example, and suggestions on getting to and around Finland. It also includes the daily event programme and the diverse schedule of excursions. Sign up for the F.I.C.C. Rally through your own club.