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Thetford celebrates 40 years

Date: 27/12/2013
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravans

Thetford was founded as a small family business 40 years ago in the Dutch town of Etten-Leur. Today it is part of the Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation Recreational Vehicle Group, the headquarters of which is in Ann Arbor/USA. It is privately managed but is a multi-faceted business that operates globally. Everyone has heard of Dyson vacuum cleaners, for example.
Its initial success stemmed from the Porta Potti, which developed from a sideline activity in the mid-eighties to the first seat toilet that became a standard fitting in all of their caravans.
Thetford also made its mark by introducing the successful cassette toilet and then the company went on to design improvements in the kitchen area, buying in some of the fittings and fixtures while others were the product of their own inventive genius.