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Outfits are the safest form of transport

Date: 27/12/2013
Source: FICC

One of the key findings of a Bast study in Germany showed that caravans are involved in fewer than 0.3% of all traffic accidents. The detailed study carried out in March investigated the extent to which caravans were implicated in traffic accidents between 2000 and 2010. The results confirmed the first survey carried out in 1999 that outfits (car-caravan combinations) are some of the safest vehicles on the roads. The same is true for motorcaravans. The number of accidents resulting in personal injury is clearly lower for leisure vehicles than for cars. The figure has gone down by 28% for cars, 36% for motorcaravans and 47% for outfits.
The road performance risk was also much lower for outfits. There were only 56 accidents for every thousand million kilometers driven by outfits, whereas there were 519 accidents for cars not towing a caravan.