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In memoriam Bernard Pijnappel (1918-2010)

Date: 28/03/2011
Source: FICC 2011

In memoriam
Bernard Pijnappel (1918-2010)

Bernard Pijnappel passed away on 17th December 2010 after a short illness. Known by many, loved by all, this camper to the backbone, member of the “Nederlandse Caravan Club” since 1963 and FICC council member and Vice-president in the 1980’s and 90’s will be remembered for his prepossessing personality, wide views and experience of which FICC had the advantage for many years.

Ben’s youth was not an easy one: already in 1941 (early in the 2nd World War) he was put into a “working camp” with a big number of other men of Jewish origin in the North of the Netherlands (Friesland) by the German occupation forces. Just before he was scheduled to be transferred to a penal camp (in 1942) he escaped with the help of friends and a farmer’s family near the camp (he married the daughter of the farmer – Anke – after the war), and succeeded in remaining in hiding until after the 1945 liberation of the country. Most of his companions were less lucky and did not survive concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Sobibor.

Through friends he joined the “Nederlandse Caravan Club” in 1963 and being the personality which he was he was asked to join the club’s Finance Committee (1969), and subsequently the Regional Committee (1970) and National Rally Committee (1972-’76). He became a National Committee member in 1977, NCC Vice-Chairman in 1982/83 and again Chairman of the NCC Committee for International Relations and National Council member from 1993-’97.

During this time his interest in international camping matters resulted in his entry into the FICC Council as a member in 1982 (to replace elected Dutchman Carel Weekhout) and Ben was re-elected in 1984, when he became FICC Vice-president (in charge of finance). In 1987 he gave up his seat in favour of Wim Egge (of NTKC, one of the FICC “founding members”), was re-elected again in 1990 and once again became FICC Vice-president from 1991 till 1993. Ben and Anke attended some 30+ FICC rallies all over the world !!

Supported by his wife Anke Ben’s contributions to his club and to FICC were of considerable value and both lost a sociable and highly regarded member and friend. In the name of all of you I wish Anke, her daughters and family much strength in coping with life without this outstanding person.

Jan Torenvlied, Council member