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ACTItalia anniversary 70 years

Date: 02/03/2010
Source: ACTItalia

The Association of Tourist Campers of Italy, now ACTITALIA National Federation, was set up in Rome in March 9th 1940. A.C.C.P. Auto Camping Club Piemont, was founded by Louis Bergera in 1932.
It gathered all the associations present in Italy, according to the dictates of the laws at that time.

Since 1950, the birth of Federcampeggio (which was one of the founders) ACTI Central held the connections with the various ACTI until the year 2000, when by vote of the F.I.C.C. General Assembly ACTI was accepted as individual member, with seniority since 1932 and recognition of the status of founder of the FICC itself.

The National Federation ACTITALIA work together with all the Club affiliated to minimize the
socio-cultural damages and environmental impact produced by his own tourist flows. It suggests travel arrangements that allow every traveller to relate to the places and people living in areas visited, allowing the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the historical, architectural, artistic, ethno-anthropological and environmental patrimony.

ACTITALIA Federation will organize this year's Easter Youth International Rally in Rome. This is an event that will present a rich cultural, sporting and gastronomic program for young tourists, and will enable them to meet and exchange information related to the life of their countries of origin.