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New registrations in Europe of leisure vehicles reflect the difficult economic situation

Date: 04/10/2013
Source: ECF

Motorcaravans tend to set the trend for the European leisure vehicle market.
New registrations in the leisure vehicle market as a whole reflect the difficult economic situation in Europe. The caravan market showed 89,493 new registrations in the first half of 2013, down 6.6% which breaks down into 47,417 newly registered motorcaravans, 3.7% down (49,245 vehicles in 2012) and 42,076 caravans, 9.6% down (46,565 vehicles in 2012).
There was a slight rise in the first six months of the year in Norway (up 2.1%) and Belgium (up 0.9%). But among the most important caravanning markets, Italy and the Netherlands recorded the heaviest losses of 28.7% and 24.1% respectively.
Looking at the overall figures, Germany emerges by far as the Number One country for leisure vehicles in Europe with 27,960 new registrations in the first half of the year (down 0.8%) followed by Great Britain, which ranks second in Europe, where 16,460 new leisure vehicles were recorded (down 1.2%). France came in in third place with 15,586 new registrations (down 12.4%).
The six-month results clearly show that motorcaravans are leading the way now in the European leisure vehicle market. Germany is the biggest market for motorcaravans with 17,026 vehicles (up 2.9%). In the end Norway managed to chalk up the strongest growth with 10.9% (1,824 vehicles). Belgium came out well too with an increase of 5.9% (2,020 vehicles). But when it comes to caravans, Great Britain is still the biggest market in Europe where 12,004 caravans were sold (down 0.1%) between January and June. The German market takes second place with 10,934 newly registered caravans (down 6.1%). France is in third place with 4,416 newly registered trailers (down 20.4%).