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Romenia’s Asociatia CLUBRV-RO becomes a F.I.C.C. effective Member

Date: 17/01/2010
Source: F.I.C.C.

Asociatia CLUBRV-RO, from Romenia, has just become part of the group of FICC country members. The final decision was made at the Board of Directors Meeting, managing to achieve a majority consensus, which publicly stressed the huge potential of this Romenian Club, and also pointed out the present importance of this particular country in the tourism activity sector.

Founded on May 22, 2007, FICC’s most recent member has the main goal of gathering all different people who love and respect Nature, and that view camping and motor caravanning activities as true ways of expressing freedom and promoting healthy socializing in the open air.

We are talking about people who enjoy breathing fresh air, and that are really thirsty for travelling in an enthusiastic way! Therefore, this Camping Club - Asociatia CLUBRV-RO actually aims at meeting all these people’s wishes and demands, namely those who have tents, caravans or motor caravans.
Accomplishing the gathering of all these different people, is, from Asociatia CLUBRV-RO’s point of view, feeding and enhancing a growing touristic activity in Romenia. Thereby, this club shares the FICC Mission, which involves the legitimization of this kind of activities throughout the world, creating new solutions for people who really enjoy camping and motor caravanning, so that they can get together in full communion with Nature.

Romenia, as a country, detains a huge potential and displays an outstanding number of natural beauties, and therefore, FICC is sure that Asociatia CLUBRV-RO’s entrance and admittance as an effective member will definitely be a surplus and an additional value and credit for all!