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The controversial “Roadworthiness Test” has a Rocky start

Date: 04/09/2013
Source: Roadworthiness Test - EU
Documents: 1 The controversial “Roadworthiness Test” has a Rocky start.pdf (132.4 KB), 2 Der kontroverse “Strassentauglichkeitstest “ hat einen holprigen Start.pdf (132.4 KB), 3 Le controversé contrôle technique débute de manière chaotique.pdf (133.7 KB)
Plans to introduce EU minimum standards for roadworthiness tests on motorcycles and trailers under 2,000 kg. “These plans are part of the EU "roadworthiness package", which would lay down minimum EU standards on testing frequency, a risk-based system for roadside inspections of commercial vehicles and rules for suspending or cancelling registration certificates. The package still has to be approved by Parliament as a whole”.
However, countries like Great Britain, among other European countries, with a trailer caravan tradition feel very uncomfortable with these proposals and will show strong opposition against some measures.

What is the new Roadworthiness Package?
The "Roadworthiness Package" is an ambitious plan for road safety and reduction of road fatalities by half in 2020. It started in 2011 and will have to be achieved by 2020 -with completion in 2050. Many aspects of this document, such as the M.O.T (Ministry of Transport Test in Britain - in other countries Roadworthiness Test), among others, have to do with the so called "Roadworthiness Package" part of it has been implemented in many countries a long time ago. In any case, since this proposal means quite a lot for transport, it has a long way to go; as it has been said, some of them are only projects which have to be accepted by EU Parliament.”

Cars and light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes which reach at the date of first inspection (after 4 years) a mileage of more than 160.000 km shall be inspected annually after the first test (4-1-1 instead of the existing 4-2-2)*
See the table below: