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81st International F.I.C.C. Rally in PORI/FINLAND from 24 July to 1 August 2014

Date: 01/08/2013
Source: FICC

The dates for the rally in Finland have been fixed.
The rally will be held in the town of Pori, the eleventh biggest town in the country, that lies on the Kokemaenjoki river on the west coast, about 1 km from the Gulf of Bothnia. Pori has a population of 83,000 and is the largest town in the Satakunta region.
It is a very compact town and has the infrastructure and facilities that one would expect to find. It used to be an industrial centre, but is now very proud to be a modern town, with historic buildings, a shopping centre housed in a cotton weaving mill and a swimming pool heated by solar energy.

The Kirjurinluoto rally site is 22 hectares (10 hectares of which will accommodate 1,000 outfits and 100 tents). It is near the town centre and has water supply points, mobile showers and toilets, electricity and separate containers for recycling glass, paper, plastic, cans and food waste. Roads will be wide enough to take even the largest of motorcaravans.

The area around Pori has a lot to offer and is very family-friendly. Enjoy the beautiful countryside, walk in the National Park or discover the unique life of the delta waters. Pori itself has the aura of an easy-going but very lively small town and has excellent facilities for big events such as an F.I.C.C. Rally.

The organisers have come up with a programme of excursions that includes yaching, boat trips, tours of the town of Pori, bus outings to the sea, visits to Noormarkkku and the Leineperi ironworks craft village, the old town of Rauma, excursions on the river delta to Kirjurinluoto, etc.