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How can you get rid of mosquitoes and midges?

Date: 01/08/2013
Source: ACCW (B)

If you want to be free of mosquitoes and midges once and for all, here is an ecological trap that should do the trick.

What you need:
- 20 cl water
- 50 grs brown sugar
- 1 gr. brewer’s yeast (baker’s yeast) that you find in any supermarket
- a 2-litre plastic bottle

Proceed as follows:
1. Cut the bottle in half.
2. Heat the water and add the brown sugar. Leave to cool then pour the syrup into the bottom half of the bottle.
3. Sprinkle in the yeast powder – do not stir.
4. Upend the top half of the bottle (with the neck of the bottle pointing downwards) and place it on the bottom half.
5. Wrap some black paper round the bottle then leave the trap in a corner of your home.

Within a couple of weeks you will find lots of dead midges and mosquitoes inside the bottle.
° The insects are attracted by the gas given off by the fermenting sugar and cannot escape from the bottle.
° Apart from being a very effective trap in your own home, this ecological method can be used in public places (children’s nurseries, schools, offices, hospitals, old people’s homes etc.)
° The trap will also catch tiger mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever.