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63rd international F.I.C.C. Youth Rally 2013 in Poznan/Poland

Date: 17/06/2013
Source: Extracts from the report by Gemma Hawtin

This year’s International F.I.C.C. Youth Rally took place in snow and freezing temperatures at the beautiful “Malta“ campsite in Poznan. As the ground was frozen solid and hard as iron, it was impossible to pitch tents and most participants were accommodated in bungalows on the campsite.
The programme was very varied and included interesting outings in the town itself and in the vicinity, games and sports, the evening disco, visits to the thermal baths and the zoo, ski-ing and football in deep snow (that always ended with a snowball fight).
187 enthusiastic young campers from 11 countries took part, 92 of whom came from Great Britain (including accompanying persons).
Extracts from the report by Gemma Hawtin, former Chairperson of the F.I.C.C. Youth Commission