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Sad news about Erwin Hymer

Date: 17/06/2013
Source: FICC

Mr. Erwin Hymer, founder and chairman of the caravan empire for 50 years died on 11 April.
In 1956, Erwin Hymer made the acquaintance of Erich Bachern who had built his own caravan, one that was quite different from all of the others. He began a construction programme and found in Erwin Hymer a very exacting partner.
In 1958 the pair negotiated a contract and made the first caravan to order. The Hymer company, which evolved out of the family metalworking and repair business, had started constructing caravans.
In 1960 they made a first attempt to move into building motorcaravans but the time was not yet ripe for this innovation.
In 1966, 10,000 caravans rolled off the production line.
In 1968 the production plant was gutted by a huge fire, but within months a new factory was built and in 1972 Hymer unveiled the Hymermobil 550 at the Essen Caravan Salon. Countless models and lines followed.
The Hymer Museum was opened in 2011, the crowning glory of a lifetime devoted to pioneering and popularising mobile holidays . Erwin Hymer, known for his creative energy, will live on in our memory and will be for ever associated with the camping industry. Campers will also remember him with affection because his ideas and technical ability opened up a new world and introduced them to their favourite leisure activity.