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Croatian Tourism National Congress

Date: 23/11/2009
Source: F.I.C.C.

The Croatian Tourism National Congress was held in the past month of October, from 22 to 24th, in Bol, the famous Brac Island in Croatia.

This happening, a display of vital importance for this economic sector in Croatia, counted on the presence of FICC, namely through its President, Mr. João Alves Pereira, who made a public presentation about the federation itself, pointing out its life philosophy and ways of promoting camping, caravanning and motor caravanning, without ever neglecting, all environmental concerns. Beside this comprehensive and necessary introduction, the FICC President publicly promoted and announced the next FICC Rally, which is going to take place, for the first time in the history of the federation, in charming Croatia.
The meeting room, in which the Congress was held, swiftly crowded with a most interesting and notorious audience, where one should emphasise the illustrious presence of the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Bajs ,who heard, in a very interested way, the speeches of several speakers, particularly the issues concerning the planning of the event, which is soon going to be held in his country. During the mentioned Congress, the Minister of Tourism made, himself, a speech, whose message pointed out the actual importance of carrying out this kind of events and initiatives, namely aiming at the country's promotion and divulgation as a high-quality holidays destination.
On the day after the Congress, at a private reception, the FICC President, Mr. João Pereira, handed in the Commemorative Book of FICC's 75th Anniversary to His Excellency, the Minister of Tourism, having also ceased the opportunity to stress out the real importance of this event, not only for the promotion of international camping activities, but particularly for Croatia.

All this visiting programme in Croatia, was closely accompanied by Mr. Branko Marolt, President of Udruga Kampista Hrvatske, and by Mr. Gordan Buneta , Secretary-General of this organisation.