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81st International F.I.C.C. Rally in PORI/FINLAND from 24 July to 1 August 2014

Date: 20/05/2013
Source: F.I.C.C Secretariat

The dates for the rally in Finland have now been fixed.

The town of Pori is the 11th largest city in Finland and is located on the Kokenmaenjoki River at the west coast of the country approx. 1 km from the Gulf of Bothnia. Pori ist the most important town in the Satakunta region with a population of 83.000 inhabitants.
Pori is a very compact town, with all the facilities and amenities that one would expect. Once a town dependant on industry it is justifiably proud oft he modernisation, side by side with it’s historic buildings, demonstrated the shopping mall currently being built in an old cotton weaving mill and it’s solar powered swimming pool.

The Kirjurinluoto rally site which covers 22 hectars and from which 10 will be used for 1000 units and 100 tents, is situated near the town centre and has water supply points, mobile showers and toilets, electricity and waste disposal containers for the recycling of waste, including cans, glass, paper, plastics and food. Roads are built in order to be capable of taking the largest American RVs.

Pitch sizes will be 100 sq metres, flat and grassy.
A dump station for RVs will be part oft he development work a tone end oft he site.

A one way system will take ralliers directly from the main road, Route 8, to the site. This road will be closed to other traffic to aid security. There will be one entrance and one exit on the site. Signs will guide participants to their area, where stewards will put them onto their allocated pitches.

The city center with supermarkets, shops and a good indoor market selling artisan bread and fresh local meat are 1,2 km away. The rally restaurant is about 500m from the campsite.
Banking facilities are also in the city, as are numerous other restaurants and cafes offering a range of food from reasonably priced snacks to fine dining experiences.
Medical cover will be provided by first aiders and a hospital is only 3 kilometres away.

Adjacent to the site is a recreational area including several children’s play areas, pirate ship, mini-golf, gardeners info centre and exhibition park, and a permanent stage and arena, where the opening and closing will take place.

Excursions will be arranged to ceremonies places of interest on a daily basis. They will concentrate on Finnish art and architecture. For independant days out there is a beach close by the river, and also others approximately 20 km away at the sea, where windsurfing, volleyball and beach football are available. A pay and play golf course is available, close to the site, just off Route 8.
Road network is good and very quiet. Pori has only a small airport with a limited schedule operated by Air 100. Helsinki, Tampere, Turku have good rail services to Pori Signage tot he site will be provided on existing posts, used fort he Jazz Festival. Hotels are available in Pori centre, approx. 20 minutes walk from the site.

The opening ceremony will be at 2 pm on Friday 25 July and the closing ceremony at 10 am on Friday 1 August.
F.I.C.C.’s General Assembly will be held at 9 am on Wednesday 30 July at 9 am in the Promenade Centre, 1.5 kms from the rally site.

Support for the rally and its success was endorsed by the Mayor, the members of the Tourism department and Town Hall staff as well as from the organisers themselves who are organising an International F.I.C.C. rallye in Finland for fourth time.

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