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Marathon winter depresses caravan sales

Date: 20/05/2013
Source: Extracts from CIVD

After outstanding results recorded in 2012, there is cautious optimism for the prospect of another excellent year.
The high expectations of the caravaning sector have only been partially been realised so far.
The bad news is that the unusually long, wet and gloomy winter weather has clearly dampened the enthusiasm of potential customers in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Compared with last year’s record figures, the first three months of the year saw registrations for caravans and motorcaravans drop by 9.9% and 5.9% respectively.
However, the good news is that if one takes the good figures recorded in 2011, registrations have increased by 9.5% for caravans and 26% for motorcaravans in the first quarter of this year.
So now that spring-like weather has finally arrived and thanks to TV advertising, on-line activity and point of sale publicity in the country, Germany is looking forward to another successful year for the caravanning sector.
According to research by ADAC, the tendency is still for German caravanners and motor-caravananners to take their holidays at home in Germany, followed by Italy, France, Scandinavia, Austria and Croatia.
Whether 2013 proves to be a good year and comes up to the expectations of the tourism industry will depend on people’s personal financial situation remaining more or less stable. Main target groups will certainly include the elderly and people with a high net income. Family holidays and holidays in the country are also gaining in popularity once more.

This outlook has boosted confidence in the caravanning sector with its core target groups “Families with Children“ and “Best Age“ which accounts for increased optimism that the 2013 financial year results will be robust.