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Umag Campsite Park elected for hosting the 76th FICC Rally - Croatia 2010

Date: 23/11/2009
Source: F.I.C.C.

Regarding the planning of the FICC Rally - Croatia 2010, a visit, characterised by an assessment nature, was paid to the several possible locations, which have been considered suitable for hosting this major event, namely in the region of Istria, in Croatia.
Thereby, between the time period from September 9 to 11, FICC members as well as the Organising Club members personally visited all three previously selected locations and, definitely, checked, on the ground, that the all three sites featured an excellent level of infra-structures and also presented high-quality standards of operating conditions. Although somewhat difficult, the decision had to be made in due time, and the chosen location was, after all, the impressive Umag Campsite Park. In order for this decision to be made, several factors and strict criteria were taken into consideration, namely the location itself, the odd quality standards, time availability and readiness according to the event schedule and planning, available surface areas and amenities, among other important criteria.
As a matter of fact, the Umag Campsite Park is one of the largest ones in the whole Mediterranean area, apart from being gifted with an astounding natural environment, which leaves no one indifferent. Built up right in front of the sea and surrounded by luxurious green landscapes, this campsite ends up being a small "natural refuge", where everybody can enjoy breathing fresh air and peacefulness, and besides, it is located only 9 km away from Umag's town centre. Viewing its picturesque bay, any visitor, whether a child or an adult, will certainly find it irresistible and consider it the ideal place for vacation. Featuring numerous attractions, such as its huge swimming-pool, various sports activities and night shows and entertainment events, Umag Campsite Park will, undoubtedly, be, in a grandious manner, an outstanding host for all participants of the FICC Rally - Croatia 2010.

Once that the ideal place for hosting the FICC Rally - Croatia 2010 has already been chosen, FICC members and the Organising Club members decided to select a second location, just because the referred location also presented very interesting conditions. Thus, the camping Stoja , in Pula, was elected to host the Adriatic Rally and the pre-FICC Rally, which is going to be held in June, from 11 to 18th, 2010.

The challenge was launched, the location was chosen, now we have no choice but to wait, peacefully, for the coming of the next FICC Rally - Croatia 2010, which will certainly be a remarkable event. Please, do not waste this great opportunity of being present at the rally and feel the Croatian beauty, in all its splendor.