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Croatia hosts the 1st Friendship Rally

Date: 17/11/2009
Source: F.I.C.C.

The city of Zadar, located in beautiful Croatia, was the chosen place to host the Friendship Rally, which was held on 4 - 7th June of this current year.

The Friendship Rally aimed at initiating and developing a new form of social camping activity, through the launching of an annual meeting to be held in the Mediterranean area. Therefore, one can say that Croatia was, in fact, the honourable host of the 1st Friendship Rally, having Turist Hotel been in charge of the respective organisation, namely through Mr. Frane Escobar and Mr. Gianni Picilli from Confederazione Italiana Campeggiatori.

Beside having been described as a country of a unique beauty and charm by all participants, Croatia and Zadar city provided all those who stayed at the Zaton Holiday Village with fantastic and outstanding accommodations. As a matter of fact, this Holiday resort is considered one of the most complete and agreeable ones in Europe, being effectively prepared and designed to host all Nature lovers and people looking for a fine and pleasant vacation site, always distinguished by a culture of high-quality service and excellence. Over 300 people got to be really stunned with this location. These people came from several diffent countries such as Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Polland, Hungaria, Portugal and, obviously, from other Croatian cities.

The reasons for such astonishment and delight are clear... Zaton Holiday Resort is located 15 Km away from Zadar city, near the historic city of Nin. This touristic compound is perfectly suitable for most families spending holidays, providing them with lots of fun, enjoyment and sports activities. The most famous national parks like Plitvice Lakes, Kornati Islands, Krka Castatas, Paklenica and Northern Velebit, which is under the auspices of U.N.E.S.C.O., are all located in the county of Zadar. The surrounding areas, the sunny beaches of sand and sharp sea shells, the flat sea and warm waters, the local gastronomy, the luxurious and cosy restaurants, among other attractive features, really managed to delight and lively surprise all participants, who had no choice but to surrender themselves, body and soul, to Croatian charms and beauties.

The rally participants also had the chance of joining several sports activities, as well as enjoy themselves in the swimming-pools and even dance at the discothéque. Lots of fun and amusement started for all as soon as they entered Croatian territory and lasted until the last second of Friendship Rally, with the promise and guarrantee that such a positive and outstanding life experience would never be forgotten by anyone present at the event.

Despite all this cheerful, relaxing and amusing atmosphere, there was also time and opportunity to discuss important issues. Thereby, on June 5, a Symposium was held, entitled "Camping and Economic Crisis", having several people participated in this event, namely Mr. João Alves Pereira - President of F.I.C.C., Mr. Frane Escobar - debate moderator and representative of Turist Hotel, Mr. Gianni Picilli from Confederazione Italiana Campegiatori, as well as other local tourism representatives. This event was attended by numerous campers, who crowded the conference room, altogether with the presence of various Mass Media, namely radio stations, tabloids and television networks. This intense Press coverage and broadcasts were, doubtlessly, essential for the divulgation and promotion of Camping activities in this country and also for legitimizing and publicly recognizing this new initiative - the Friendship Rally.