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75th FICC Rally

Date: 25/11/2009
Source: F.I.C.C.

This year, Ipswich has hosted the important 75th FICC Rally, which was held from July 30 to August 9. Great Britain's Camping and Caravanning Club - a founder member of FICC and a club with over 100 years history, was in charge of organising this notorious event.

As a matter of fact, this happening demanded the very best organisation standards, because, after all, it meant the celebration of the 75th edition of FICC Rallies. In other words, the celebration of an entire life time, for all those who witnessed the evolution, which occured in the camping, caravanning and motor caravanning world.

The 75th FICC Rally was held at Trinity Park and according to all participants (over 1000 units and about 2500 participants from 22 different countries), it was definitely a great choice, because the referred place is provided with all conditions and facilities necessary for hosting this kind of big events. Besides, the mentioned club has a considerable background experience and knew, exactly, how to use it in order to carry out the organisation of this event, managing to achieve a very high level of quality and efficiency. Furthermore, Club members and volunteers also did their very best and committed themselves passionately so that everything resulted the best way possible, and this joint effort was very benefitial for the event organisation. And so it was! The organising Club did a very good job and even the rally programming reflected dedication and hard work, well shown on the rally agenda, quite diversified and suitable for all different ages, as for instance, night guided tours to interesting and appealing places for the younger ones.

Within the 75th FICC Rally activities, the FICC Annual Assembly took place, presided by Mr. Joao Alves Pereira, and counted on the presence of delegations from all the different countries. For information purposes, it was decided that the organisation of the 76th FICC Rally will belong to Croatia in June 2010, to Prague (Czech Republic) in August 2011 and to Canada in 2012.

In this meeting, the new FICC Secretary - Ms. Melanie Kögel was presented to all. Ms. Melanie Kögel is from German origin, lives presently in Brussels and speaks three languages fluently, namely German, English and French. FICC sincerely congratulates her and wishes her all the best of luck and success.

Thereby, the 75th FICC Rally was definitely a great event, filled with moments of pleasant socializing and fellowship among many people, who got together there to celebrate an historic date and, at the same time, discuss and resolve important issues and matters. Next year, it will be Croatia's turn to host the 76th FICC Rally. Everyone believes it will be a huge success! See you next year!