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Date: 20/02/2013
Source: Campingrevue (CH)

Many camping friends say that they are independent travellers and would not dream of going on an organised camping trip. But there are advantages in setting off with other caravanners as the Swiss travel specialist U. Arber describes below:
° One’s independence is respected, but the trips do include many worthwhile extra stops.
° No-one travels in convoy. Everyone can decide how to spend their day.
° You only meet up in the evenings when you stop for the night at the next campsite.
° In the evenings there is a meeting of drivers in or next to one of the vehicles. There is no obligation to participate in any events that might be arranged.
° People who go on an organised camping trip find that it is a happy mix of being on holiday, meeting people and travelling around. First and foremost an organised camping trip provides company and camaraderie. The organisers seek out the best campsites in attractive locations and select itineraries along scenic routes.
° If a ferry is involved, the timing is important as the organiser handles all the booking arrangements.
° The best possible support is available if a problem arises (e.g. mechanical problem, illness etc.). It is safer travelling in a group reducing the likelihood of being robbed. And generally speaking, group travel does not work out more expensive than a trip that you organise privately for yourself.