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Date: 15/01/2013
Source: edited by the F.I.C.C. Secretariat

“The camping way of life contributes towards building a better world“. So said F.I.C.C. President Joao Alves Pereira in his opening address at the 78th International F.I.C.C. Rally 2012 in Montmagny-Quebec/Canada.

Joao Pereira again made reference to the achievements of the Organising Committee despite the difficulties they confronted when the final arrangements were over-shadowed by the tragic and untimely death of FQCC’s President, Louise Saindon. Nevertheless, EVERYONE was fired by the same spirit that inspired her and the rally was a resounding success.

Special mention should be made too of the wonderful support and commitment of the town of Montmagny – especially the Mayor, Jean-Guy Desrosiers – who declared on behalf of his Council just how proud and delighted the town was to be hosting this 10-day international event.

An international F.I.C.C. Rally is, on the one hand, a once-off opportunity for overseas delegations to introduce the host country to different aspects of their culture and lifestyle. And on the other hand, for the host country, Canada and the Province of Quebec in particular, it is a chance to show the world what they have to offer and prove to visitors that Quebec is high up on the list of great international tourist destinations and convince them that they must come back again.

The Taiwanese delegation, for example, was very visible in Montmagny thanks to the size of the group (30 people) and to their active participation. They organised a reception where they served typical Taiwanese food and exotic drinks all of which were very enthusiastically received. It was a fun opportunity for people to learn about and sample Taiwanese gastronomy.
Many of the visitors are considering a trip to this wonderful and very interesting island where they can get to meet its extremely hospitable people.

The Parade of Nations wound its way from the rally site through the streets of the old town of Montmagny and back again in brilliant sunshine. Many participants had donned their national costumes much to the delight of the spectators lining the streets and the national dress of Korea in particular attracted much attention.
Four superb horses and riders headed the Parade escorted by Quebec’s security police, limousines with F.I.C.C.’s and FQCC’s officers followed by the “Eclairs de Québec“ brass band whose music added much to the happy mood of the procession.

Pealing bells accompanied this cheerful international parade through the town whose population, young and old, came out in force and applauded enthusiastically.

There was wide coverage of this event in the media. Regional and national journalists reported on the various programmes, events, excursions etc. and there were a number of interesting interviews too with campers from all over the world.

It should be pointed out that this was the third international F.I.C.C. rally that FQCC has organised, the first in Bromont in 1992, and the second in St. Jean sur Richelieu in 2002. Now it was the turn of the delightful town of Montmagny whose inhabitants, and more especially the Mayor, Mr. Jean-Guy Desrosiers, did everything possible to ensure that everyone had a memorable holiday in their town.

Our grateful thanks of course go to FQCC and its ad interim President Daniel Beaudoin, the many volunteer helpers and the FQCC staff for the wonderful time we were able to enjoy with like-minded people in Quebec, Canada.