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11th Tatra Rally and 45 years of PFCC

Date: 26/09/2009
Source: PFCC

11th Tatra Rally and 45 years of PFCC

From 23rd to 27th August 2009 the 11th Tatra Rally was held in Zakopane (Poland), on the campsite no. 97 “Pod Krokwią”. 90 participants (among them 18 children and young people) from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia came to Zakopane to take part in this rally.

During the 11th Tatra Rally Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning (PFCC) celebrated its 45th anniversary. The first anniversary celebration took place on 26th August, on the campsite no. 97 in Zakopane. During this celebration, 12 meritorious members of PFCC received medals and diplomas.

On 27th August the 45th anniversary gala evening with regional music and bonfire took place in the “Tatry” Hotel in Polana Zgorzelisko near Zakopane. The special guests of this gala evening were Mr. Joao Alves Pereira – President of F.I.C.C., Mr. Zdenek Vanura – President of the Dahlie Rally Committee, Mr. Julius Vagasi – Honorary President of Slovak Federation of Camping and Caravanning and President of the Slovak club “Lokomotiva Kosice” and Mr. Janusz Majcher – Mayor of the town of Zakopane.

The President of F.I.C.C. gave to PFCC the diploma to commemorate its 45th anniversary. Then he received from Mr. Michał Szeftel, president of PFCC, the diploma for the cooperation in the development of the camping and caravanning in Poland. As a gift from the Mayor of Zakopane, President Pereira received the regional Highlanders’ costume and the album about Zakopane.

Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation received also gifts from the Czech and Slovak friends.

Thanks to the beautiful weather and friendly atmosphere on the campsite the participants enjoyed the rally.

Michał Szeftel
President of PFCC