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Date: 15/01/2013
Source: Extracts from FEE Newsletter

FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education)
F.I.C.C. is a member of this Foundation that is gaining increasing influence worldwide and whose objectives are in line with F.I.C.C.’s.
FEE has now been registered as a charitable foundation in Great Britain.
2012 was the third year that LEAF organised a special tree-planting event on 21 September, UN World Peace Day. 579 schools from 16 different countries took part in the campaign this year i.e. 31,900 children have planted 21,200 trees. Romania planted the greatest number.
The tree is a symbol for F.I.C.C. too and its many members scattered around the world. It reminds us, as campers, of nature and the importance of protecting the environment.
The campaign, as symbolized by the tree, is a clarion-call to make children more aware of the environment. It also symbolizes co-operation between schools around the world thereby supporting cultural diversity and tolerance.