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Date: 03/12/2012
Source: le bivouac (BE)

Good visibility when driving in heavy rain even at dusk and at night
If it is raining hard when you are driving it is a good idea to wear sunglasses. You will see the difference immediately because the windscreen will look as clear as it does when it is not raining. This simple act enables you to see well enough to drive safely but cautiously.

Static charge at gas stations – Danger of fire when filling up
Never use your cell phone (mobile phone) when you are filling up.
Also remember that a static charge can build up when passengers’ clothes rub on the seat upholstery getting into and out of the vehicle. So NOBODY should get into or out of the vehicle when it is being filled up - they should either leave the car beforehand or wait until the tank cap has been screwed back into place at the end of the operation.
When you fill up:
a) Your vehicle: park it, put the handbrake on, turn off the engine, the radio and the windscreen wipers.
b) Never climb into your vehicle while it is being filled up.
c) Precautions: Get into the habit of closing the door every time you get in and out of your vehicle because static electricity is discharged through contact with metal.

d) After closing your car door, make sure that YOU TOUCH THE VEHICLE’S METAL BODYWORK before removing and activating the fuel pump. This way the static build-up in your body will be discharged through the bodywork rather than through the fuel pump itself.