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If you want to drive your outfit in winter, take note of the following:

Date: 03/12/2012
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravanes

• Butangas is commonplace in southern Europe but is unsuitable in areas where the temperature falls below +5°C.
• Have all the latest technical checks been carried out?
• Check out the heating – now is the time to get any problems sorted out by a qualified technician.
• Check your lights to make sure that they are all properly adjusted, including sidelights.
• Have winter tyres mounted. They help keep the outfit stable when driving on snow and ice. All year round tyres are also OK.
• Apply salt spray resistant grease to the corner feet so that they survive the ravages of winter.
• Put wooden planks or special trays under your the corner feet and tyres to prevent them from sinking into the ground when it thaws out.
• Keep steps, a snow shovel and brush where they are readily accessible.
• Keep your lock de-icer handy outside your caravan.
• If your on-board battery is in your caravan, clean and grease the terminals and check the liquid level.