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Date: 03/12/2012
Source: le bivouac (BE)

A law was passed on 1 July 2012 that requires rumble alarm strips to be installed on the country’s motorways to help ensure that drivers do not fall asleep at the wheel.
Rumble strips are white and consist of raised materials, tiny needles or small glass balls, inserted at regular intervals. They change the noise a vehicles’s tyres make on the road surface at the outer edge of the right hand lane and cause a vibration.
This new law applies to newly built roads, dual carriageways and motorways where important repair work is carried out, but it is hoped that rumble strips will be part of the entire road network by 2022. They will not however feature on roads in residential areas where people would be disturbed by yet more noise from passing traffic. They will also be absent on roads where wintery conditions are common because snowploughs will either damage or completely remove the rumble surface.
Source: le bivouac (BE)