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Date: 12/11/2012
Source: Extracts from ISO Focus

David Bellamy, President of The Camping and Caravanning Club: “I think a well-managed campsite, with its wildflowers, formal gardens, hedgerows, woodpiles and beetle banks, can be a vital haven for invertebrates.”

ISO: Environmental Management Systems (EMS) have many benefits. They reduce the cost of waste management. They make savings in consumption of energy and materials thereby safeguarding the needs of present and future generations. In addition they improve the corporate image among regulators, customers and the general public. It is not so surprising therefore that increasing numbers of firms are using EMS.

ISO: The Caribbean region will adopt the graphical ISO Tsunami symbol found in the ISO 20712 series on water safety signs and beach safety flags so that tsunami signs in the region are harmonised. ISO 20712 specifies and gives guidelines on safety symbols for aquatic catastrophic events. It covers internationally recognised symbols for tsunami risk areas, evacuation zones and evacuation centres.
Since 1498 the Caribbean has been hit by at least 94 tsunamis. Most have been the result of underwater earthquakes, but there are many other sources of earth tremors in the Caribbean region including volcanic activity.
Early warning systems are important factors for limiting risks and the global impact of the tsunami tragedy in the Indian Ocean led to the development of early warning systems in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the north-east Atlantic.
Standardised tsunami symbols are an integral part of a common endeavour to take action and be well prepared for possible tsunamis and, at the same time, to inform the local populations and tourists about the dangers of tsunami events and indicate the routes to safe areas should a tsunami warning be issued.