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Date: 12/11/2012
Source: FICC

A practical dictionary of camping terms has recently been published in English. The author, Mr. Jerko Sladoljev, is well-known in Croatia for his expertise in the field of tourism. He was a member of the EFCO Council (European Federation of Campsite Owners) and was also on the Council of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.
He has worked for many professional publications at home and abroad e.g. La vie au soleil, UT, Cro tourist, European Camping Business, Turizam plus, Natururlaub and, in 2006, he set up Top Camping Pool. He is passionate about high quality camping tourism.
He has published a number of leaflets (Naturism, information and facts about the camps in Croatia, Environmental protection in the camps) and books on Camping tourism (in 1998), Naturist camps and resorts (in 2001), Fundamentals for retail and sales-oriented communication in camping (in 2003) and Camping brands (in 2006).
Mr. Sladoljev enjoys very good relations with F.I.C.C., whose President, Joao Alves Pereira, wrote the foreword to this very interesting book which is on sale at €20 plus €5 postage. It can be ordered from [email protected] or from F.I.C.C. ([email protected])