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When motorcaravans start to age

Date: 12/11/2012
Source: CCA-Journal

A survey of 25,000 motorcaravans undertaken in Germany in 2011 showed up an alarming number of defects and it appears the same is true in virtually all other countries too.
Over half (54.5%) of the vehicles inspected were on the road with some defect or other. 18.4% proved to have serious defects even, or were quite simply unroadworthy.
28.4% of the defects were associated with lighting and electricity, followed by 19.5% that related to polluting the environment and 15.9% showed faults with the braking system. In fourth place were problems with the chassis, frame and body.
The number of defects rise sharply the older the motorcaravan gets. Investigators found that out of 100 motorcaravans up to three years old, 29 had defects of some sort. But they found 223 faults – almost eight times as many - in 100 motorcaravans that were over nine years old.

Very few countries have statistical records. Experts say that motorcaravanners should

remember that although rust accumulates quite slowly in many motorcaravans during the winter, age-related damage such as perished or cracked gas pipes and brake cables is much more common. One should watch out for splits in tyres too even if the tread is still good.
Rust readily develops in brake discs, the exhaust and in the coachwork after ten years. So it is advisable for motorcaravanners to go along to a testing station where they are likely to find enthusiastic campers who know what to look out for in “elderly” vehicles.