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”No Camping” applies just about everywhere

Date: 12/11/2012
Source: FICC

Anyone who parks a caravan – or even pitches a tent – with a view to setting up camp on public land or by the wayside will find they are requested to move on in nearly every country.
But they may find they get a heavy fine too.
Many campers and caravanners who are travelling around Europe succumb to the temptation to break their journey and camp without paying, sometimes near major tourist attractions.
Even in the absence of a ”No Camping” sign, wild camping is a punishable offence in most European countries.
Obviously one can park one’s motorcaravan or outfit on a parking lot, but you will find that most countries and local authorities will not tolerate you even brewing up coffee or making up beds.
Just one example: camping is regulated by state legislation in all states in Austria. Generally speaking you cannot stay on the roadside overnight anywhere in Austria (and this is true for other countries too).
Quite apart from safety and security issues, it is not much fun to be woken up in the middle of the night and told by the police to move on! So make sure you always enquire about local camping regulations.