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Date: 23/10/2012
Source: DCC

Every year in the autumn there are accidents involving deer and other game so you really need to have your wits about you when you are driving.

Given good traffic conditions and a dry road, a car driver’s reaction is to reduce his speed immediately when he sees an animal ahead, but drivers of outfits and motorcaravanners have to take into account their vehicle’s road performance and may react rather differently. In a worst case scenario, it might be better and less dangerous for everyone actually to maintain one’s collision course with the animal. It can happen that if you try to take evasive action, you put your own and other people’s lives at risk.
As soon as you see an animal standing on the side of the road, it’s best to sound your horn and dip your headlights. You should avoid dazzling the animal with bright headlights especially if it has the misfortune to be standing in the middle of the road because the animal has to be able to see how it can escape to safety. One’s driving speed should of course be reduced in any case to take account of prevailing conditions.
If a “crash“ does happen, the same procedure applies as in any other road accident. Make the site of the crash safe and inform the appropriate authority i.e. the local police or forestry service. Only then can the site of the accident be made truly safe, professionals be called in to take proper care of the animal and damage reported for insurance purposes.