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Motor homes and caravans : Trends for 2013

Date: 07/09/2012
Source: DCC

Here are the six mains developments :

• Safety equipments are more and more successful :
Among many other examples : airbags for both the driver and the passenger at the front of the motor home, smoke detectors for caravans and access doors better protected against burglary.

• Reasonable prices and luxury
According to DCC, motor homes and caravans manufacturers are producing for both beginners, with low end models as well as for luxury camping holiday fans, with vehicles of a corresponding quality. This is true for motor homes and caravans.

• Design
Caravans are now seriously making up for lost time. They used to be considered as dull and conformist. Today, beyond all comfort equipments, they are now standing out for their colour, the shape of their windows and better designed rear sections that make them even more attractive.

• Convenient and innovative
According to DCC, accessories and tents exhibited in Düsseldorf are standing out for their compact shapes and their innovative concepts.

• Minivan
According to DCC, people appreciate them for their compactness and the fact that they are fit for everyday use. In addition to that, their equipments now provide much more comfort.

• Light construction
Caravans and motor homes manufacturers produce more and more light construction items to make it possible for customers to bring significant changes. This makes vehicles more suitable to beginners and mobile users who wish to be fully equipped for their journeys.