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Date: 13/07/2012
Source: Camping, Cars & Caravans

We are hearing more and more about this “luxurious“ way of camping in the media.
Perhaps it is merely a suggestion that people might like to consider a change of scene for their holidays or perhaps it is an attempt to lure people and families away from their regular pre-ordained pattern of being pampered in hotels.
Whatever the reason, well-equipped campsites with excellent amenities are offering adults, young people and children especially that great feeling of freedom and the liberty to choose when, where and how to spend the day without having to keep an eye on the clock.
Perhaps the pioneers of camping are tearing their hair out when they read magazine articles or see adverts boasting tents with made-up beds (which have been around in Australia since time immemorial), half-wood half-tent tipis with double bed, bathtub, fridge, separate toilet etc. etc., not to mention the so-called safari tents (e.g. in Sweden) that are comfortable and well-equipped, so typically representative of glamorous camping.
And now glamping caravans are there for all to see in Düsseldorf too, designer models, all very luxurious, all very high tech.
Of course there are commercial interests at work here and yet we have to move with the times and why not? We have already moved from the home-made tent to the mass manufactured tent, to the tent trailer, to the caravan, to the motorcaravan, to chalets and bungalows on campsites, and even to floating pitches on water, so why not designer tents and luxury camping if they perhaps offer respite for many stressed-out people and help them get back in touch with nature.

Use-by date
In most vehicles the first aid box lives in a dark corner out of sight. But sterile products like dressings and compresses only have a five-year life and if you use products that are out-of-date you run the risk of infection.You can replace your first aid kit at your local pharmacy or your supermarket even. If there is a police spot check and you cannot produce a first aid kit, you may well be fined.