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B-96 Driver’s Licence comes into force in 2013

Date: 13/07/2012
Source: CIVD (DE)

In just over five months (January), drivers will be able to acquire the B Class driver’s licence with key number 96, (B-96 in short - Directive 2006/126/CE).
In Germany and France, for example, a training course lasting at least 7 hours will be enough to authorise licence holders to drive heavy combinations – towing vehicle + trailer – up to a total weight of 4.25 tonnes which in practice means an extra 750 tonnes above the weight allowed with the ordinary B licence.

Once the training course has been completed successful participants will be given a certificate. There is no plan for a driving test.
The introduction of the new B-96 driver’s licence which is contingent on the obligatory training course, is a great opportunity to improve road safety.
Next year this new directive will mean that around 90% of all caravans on the market can be driven on B-96 driver’s licences which is a great advantage when going away in a large family-friendly station wagon or an SUV towing a correspondingly heavy caravan.
The directive will be good news for young families, an important target group, who with little outlay can get back into the leisure activity of caravanning. And at the same time the directive promotes safety on the roads.